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Sportsman Safe 5 Gun Cat A+B (No Ammo) (1300x250x250) (32kg)

Made extremely affordable by their simpler design. The Bronze series safes offer a level of security that matches the legislation in all States for Category A+B storage (except WA). Again they are constructed of folded or full seem welded steel. Featuring 2mm walls and a 3mm door. The locks are 7 levers as well and operate a double bolted lock. Carpet is added to the floor and many models feature the ammunition storage. Foam moulded racks keep your firearms neat and protected from damage.

Key Features:
? Solid Steel Construction
? Anti Jemmy Door Design
? Foam Gun Racks
? Mounting Holes In Floor And Rear Walls
? Mounting Bolts Included

SKU: BRS7111S2


Available on backorder

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