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Bore Tech’s Patented Shotgun Patch Jags set the benchmark for quick and effective shotgun cleaning and are a must have for every shotgunner.

Bore Tech Shotgun Patch Jags provide 360 degrees of concentric pressure against the barrel’s surface resulting more patch contact, better cleaning and a perfect fit every time. This is accomplished by the 4 oversized, flexible petals that compress when entering the bore, providing outward pressure which allows the patch to perfectly conform to the barrel surface. Incorporated into each of the 4 flexible petals are gripping rings which securely grab the patch preventing bunching.

Quick and effective, these jags can be used between stages or at home. Simply spike your patch and down the barrel you go. No need to worry about fixed or removable choke tubes as the Shotgun Patch Jags have the ability to compress and pass through any choke tube!

Now that’s shotgun cleaning made quick and easy.

Bore Tech Shotgun Patch Jags are available from 10 – 410 gauge and fit any standard shotgun rod with 5/16-27 threads.

Material: Nylon
Threads: 5/16 – 27
Overall Length ( Including Point ): 2.5 inches

SKU: BTSG-100-28


Available on backorder

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