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Henry .22lr Frontier Carbine Evil Roy Edition

Slick and quick, the Evil Roy model features a very distinctive bright (but not too bright) brushed finish on the receiver and a nickel plated barrel band, a short’n handy 16.5″ octagon barrel that balances well and hangs lighter for smaller shooters, an intermediate-length stock to fit everybody from Little Buckaroo CAS shooters on up to full-sized adults, the Frontier’s stock angle with less drop than some of our models (a good fit for scope use), fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear and tall bead front sights, a large-loop lever for style points, and an Evil Roy “signature” branded into the walnut stock at the rear. For competition, braggin’ rights, and just plain fun in a fits-all package, the Evil Roy is a looker that also performs. Frontier Carbine “Evil Roy” Edition .22 LR
Model Number: H001TER
Action Type: Lever Action
Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 12 LR/16 S



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